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Client Feedback

We asked: “What did you enjoy most?”

“Yoga Nidra – but also, everything! The several hours a day of personal work. The quality of the exchange with Alex as a person and teacher. The sense that Alex has gone through enough to have a lot to give to others. The personal support for my physical needs.” – 2015
“The whole experience was great, but if I had pick one it would be the mindfulness; I have never done in group sessions (group of 5); it was very interesting to compare and get feedback off kindred spirits regarding how mindfulness meditation impacts us in our daily lives.” – 2015
“The great meditations which I learned a lot & Yoga Nidra to relax. I needed that so much!” – 2015
“Twist asanas, laughter during the lesson, getting up early is beautiful” – 2015
“The teacher! The lessons were very enjoyable and felt like truly tailored to me and my fellow yogis” – 2015
“The natural being together, the laughter, yoga in the sand.” – 2015

Some of our clients’ other comments:

“Thank you, Alex, for being the warm, supportive, kind, generous, deep, caring and fun person you are!” – 2015
“The teacher (Alex) was great no sure how you can improve! Her yoga/mindfulness classes where fun, intimate, varied and in accordance to our level of yoga/mindfulness, she was very open and willing to meet our needs in regards to what parts we need to work/focus on. If anything the retreat reminded me how much I enjoy yoga and mindfulness.” – 2015
“The hotel is small and cute, very peaceful a great choice to host the retreats! Staff made you feel like family, they know your name, and always were aware of your needs/likes.” – 2015
“The teacher was great! The teaching style could not be better!! Go on with that style! It was a stroke of luck to find her.” – 2015
“Everything was really good! And to have a private yoga week is such nice:)” – 2015
“The hotel is soooo beautiful and perfect for relaxing & enjoy the nature. The staff is just so lovely, there are no more words:) I was so happy to be there!” – 2015
“The style of teaching worked very well for me. it was relaxed, yet inspiring and challenged me. I really loved the flexibility in a practise tailored to our group as opposed to a rigid program.” – 2015
“This flexibility (of schedule) is beautiful” – 2015
“Alex’s style of teaching has inspired me to start a yoga teacher training” – 2015
I Learnt “how mindfulness works and how I can apply it daily” – 2015
I really enjoyed our week with you!” – 2014
“Great flexibility in arranging classes.” – 2014
“Thank you so much for everything you taught us.” – 2014
“I appreciated your kind and soft way of yoga teaching, your laughs and informative emails ahead of our stay.” – 2014

And from our partners over at BookYogaRetreats:

Review by Anna from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

10 out of 10

“Alexandra Redmond is a very fine yoga teacher. Her lessons are intense, with focus on postures that suit the participant best, good breathing, and spiritual balance. During Nidra Yoga and Mindfulness her voice is a wonderful and unforgettable guide. What I also appreciate very much is that she teaches only small groups, even if the group consists of only one person, in this case only me!

The location was terrific: a beautiful hotel, near a fine, not overcrowded beach, beautiful spacious rooms, and excellent food. Besides, nobody should miss having massages. They are a great experience. I will certainly go back.”

October 11, 2015. BookYogaRetreats website, edited

Review by Annemarie from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

9 out of 10

“I had an amazing week with Yoga in Sardinia. Everything was absolutely perfect. The yoga and meditation classes with Alex were inspiring, relaxing, and wholesome. Alex is a great teacher. She was so friendly and caring towards everybody and really took the time if there was anything you wanted to ask, talk about, or practice some more. She’s open about her own experiences in life and the way yoga and meditation helped her, which was especially inspiring for me.

Furthermore, spending a week at Galanias Hotel was fantastic. With beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and friendly staff, I couldn’t ask for more!”

September 16, 2015. BookYogaRetreats website, edited

Review by Annicka from Basel, Switzerland:

10 out of 10

“My experience with the Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat with Alex at Galanias Hotel was perfect and fantastic. From the first contact, Alex was very quick to respond and she hung in there through all the exchanges required. There were some glitches in the online payment setup that I hope get fixed, but all totally worth the extra effort.

The retreat itself was just what I needed. The combination of yoga, mindfulness practice, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra was phenomenal – Yoga Nidra was new for me, and I love it.

Alex herself is a person who “walks her talk” and has a lot of personal experience to back up what she offers, and plenty of humor and openness along the way. For me, with back and hip issues, what we did was tailored to my needs, and at my level of yoga (beginner), I felt perfectly supported. I’m looking forward to implementing some of our practice into my day to day life.

In addition to the above, the location is incredible! The pagoda where our work took place is so beautiful, and the view can’t be beat. Even in the heat of July-August, the breeze was perfect.

And the Galanias Hotel – wow! Unbelievable food, really beautiful aesthetics, with incredibly friendly and charming staff. The walk to the beach is also easy (you pass a fruit stand along the way) and the water is so clear – a perfect way to recharge your batteries and get rejuvenated and treat yourself to affordable luxury!

I would definitely love to go again and recommend this without hesitation to people at my level (for more advanced levels, I don’t know).”

August 11, 2015. BookYogaRetreats websited, edited

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