Into the Wild!

In 2018 for the third year running, we will be offering a chance to get completely away from it all! A mini-retreat with a total of 4 nights, including 2 nights camping in the mountains and enjoying 3 full days of activities including some gentle hiking, yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra from a small cooperative of different teachers.Visit the stunning mountain range of the Gennargentu in Sardinia and get back to basics, enjoying a complete break from civilisation and technology, giving yourself the chance to get away from it all and find some of that elusive peace and quiet!

Retreat Information

Guests will need to speak either English or Italian, the retreat date will be a weekend in late July and will be confirmed soon. Spaces are limited and there are only a maximum of 11 people on this exclusive retreat experience, so don’t delay, put your name down today! Bookings for this retreat will close the 30th May.

Highlights of this retreat

  • Camping in the stunning Gennargentu mountain range
  • Vibroacoustic Healing
  • Guided Yoga Nidra with Gongs and Singing Bowls
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Guided Walks
  • Group Kirtan
  • Periods of silence

There will be a range of meditation, yoga and hiking activities on offer during the retreat and all included within the price, as well as periods set aside for silent reflection. Enjoy sitting round the campfire in the evenings, chatting, singing kirtan and chanting along with Tibetan singing bowls, gong and other instruments.

You will arrive Thursday, with a transfer in the afternoon from Cagliari Airport, you will be taken to a local hotel where you can get a warm shower, an evening meal and relax. On Friday morning at 09:30am the 4×4 will arrive at the hotel and we will make our way to the campsite in the heart of the Gennargentu Mountains, set up camp and begin our retreat activities. Sunday evening, we return back down the mountain to the hotel, where you stay the night and can again enjoy a warm shower, then Monday morning you head back down to Cagliari airport to connect with your flights back home. The airport transfers are paid separately and you can choose to take them up or make your own way in either direction, just let us know when you book.

The campsite is nestled within the mountain range of the Gennargentu, it is completely isolated, no roads, no wifi, no phone signal, no mod-cons. Just nature, fresh air, spring water and peace!! This is for people who want to experience a complete break from civilisation, who enjoy or want to experience traditional camping and not “Glamping”, there is no hot water, no flushing toilets, just a basic outdoor cold water shower and a basic communal hole-in-the-ground toilet! Neighbours include eagles and other birds, Mufflone (a type of deer native to the area), as well as free ranging goats, sheep and cows!

The site is fenced off to ensure no wildlife wanders in and to keep the area clean. On the site there are 2 “Pinetta”, traditional shepherd structures, a very basic toilet and a cold shower from the natural spring. You can either bring a tent or reserve a place in the Pinetta, which will be a communal shared space. There are no beds, no sheets or pillows and so you will need to bring a sleeping bag and any mats or cushions you may wish to sleep on for your own comfort.


Included in the price is an evening meal and breakfast at the hotel for your stay on Thursday and Sunday. Food at the campsite will be provided from Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime, breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will be simple, seasonal vegetarian food and, where possible, locally sourced and produced. For Friday lunch you will need to arrange to bring a packed lunch, you can purchase a panini or alternative choice at the supermarket next to your hotel on Friday morning. You will need to bring eating utensils for your own use and be responsible for washing up your own utensils at the campsite.

If you are arriving from outside of Sardinia this retreat will include a transfer day each way, making a total of 4 nights. You will arrive on your chosen flight into Cagliari Airport and then travel to a local hotel via a shuttle service from the airport Thursday late afternoon once all of the guests have arrived on their flights. Staying overnight in a local Hotel, which will include an evening meal and breakfast, before travelling to the campsite by means of a 4×4 vehicle. From the drop-off point there is about a 20-30 minute walk (uphill) to the campsite. We will then stay 2 nights at the campsite, returning to the Hotel for one night before travelling back to Cagliari Airport on Monday morning and continuing on your journey from there.

Things you will need to bring and carry:

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Yoga mat
  4. Cup, plate and cutlery (for your own use)
  5. Towel
  6. Insect Repellent (For Mosquitoes and Ticks)
  7. Comfortable clothes
  8. Walking shoes
  9. Swim suit/Trunks

Bookings including Hotel
Price per person including Retreat Activities, Meals, Camping & Hotel.
Price excludes the transfer which will cost a minimum €28 and a maximum of €46 each way depending on the number of people.
Bookings for camping only
Price per person for camping only, including Retreat Activities, Meals.
This price excludes the hotel accommodation - it includes 2 nights camping & activities only.

**Important – If you are booking this retreat, please do not book your flights until the retreat has been confirmed after the 30th May. **

The Teachers

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Ilaria Jagatpal Montis

Ilaria was born in Cagliari in 1979, after attaining a degree in Archaeology in Pisa in 2003, she attended the Specialised School of in Archaeology in Pisa and attained a Masters in Geotechnology for Archeology at the University of Siena. Returning to Sardinia in 2008 she worked for several years as a Research Fellow at the University of Cagliari, in the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory and as freelance professional archaeologist, then earning her PhD in Science and Technology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at the University of Ferrara. She has published numerous articles in professional journals (https://unica-it.academia). For years she has practiced Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and organises and conducts group meditations. She has delved into the science of mantras according to Vedic tradition with master Krishna Das. She teaches and has qualification in Minfulness from CISM Rome. She also attended the school of the Egyptian-Essene therapies with Bernard Rouche in Rome. Currently she is leading the "Sacred Sardinia" project, which integrates her expertise in archaeology and her experience on the path of inner spirituality, especially through yoga and meditation.

Campsite Location