Retreat Services

Let me help you organise your best retreat ever, locating the right accommodation, excursions and extras for your group. Take advantage of this unique service, only available here in Ogliastra, Sardinia. Complete the form and get your personalised, no obligation quote for your specific requirements, and take the anxiety out of organising your next retreat!

Are you a teacher or organiser looking for a retreat location to hire in Sardinia? Don’t know where to start?? Then maybe I can help…

I am a UK expat and I have been living here, full time, in Ogliastra since 2010. I am also a yoga and meditation teacher and I organise retreats here in this stunning, un-spoilt area of Sardinia.

Currently my own retreats are organised at local hotels and I do not have a Retreat Centre, I am now fundraising in order to create an Eco-Retreat Centre which will be open for teachers and positive influencers from across the globe to hire for their own retreats, so if you would be interested in visiting or using our Retreat Centre in the future, please check our project page here.

Every year I have retreat leaders contacting me asking for advice and help finding a place to host their Yoga Holiday Retreats abroad, and until the Eco Retreat Centre is open, the only way I can help is to offer my Retreat Services, which is available now!

Retreat Services

How much time and energy do you use finding the right location, the right excursions, the right atmosphere for your retreats abroad? It’s easy when you are running a local retreat, but when you try to organise one further afield it starts to get tricky! And are you ever sure you are getting what you think until you actually arrive? Unless you have been somewhere before or actually go and check it out yourself, which can be costly and time-consuming; you often just have to take a leap of faith.

I am uniquely placed to help other retreat leaders and teachers; I know the area well, making sure you get all the inside information you need, and I can put you in touch with the right local people for all your needs, plus as a Yoga teacher I know what will be important to you and your guests without you having to worry about whether there is a noisy road or smelly water treatment plant that is not shown on the hotel’s glossy website!

How much would it mean to have an independant person who knows what is important to you, who lives locally, to put your mind to rest about all the details, instead of having to rely on what the travel agent or marketing machine wants you to know about a place?

So, specifically, how can I help you? Below are a few examples, I can:

  • Help you find the right  accommodation within your price range, whether you are looking for a camping location, self catering apartment or a hotel with half board or full board for all your guests.
  • Put you in touch with excursion organisers, helping you find the right activities for your group requirements within the local area.
  • Liaise between your retreat leader and the accommodation and excursion suppliers, bridging the language barrier often found in this part of the world due to the majority of people here not speaking any English.
  • Check out the locations to make sure that there are no potential problems, such as making sure the location is tranquil, clean, and has a suitable space for your group size and what equipment they have for your use on site.
  • Give you insight into local places to visit, those little off the beaten track places that you won’t find in any guide books.
  • Organise with genuine, local people those special, personalised experiences such as learning how to make local pasta specialities, visiting a cantina and wine producer, etc.
  • Supply additional, supplementary workshops or classes to complement your retreat programme, such as Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra or Reiki Training.

But what does all that cost, I hear you ask?! Well, it really depends on which services you want to take advantage of for your retreat, but if you fill out the form, then I can give you a full personalised quote, with no obligation. Alternatively, take a look at the Consultation Form for details or to book your consultation now.

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Workshops & Classes

We can offer a variety of supplementary workshops or classes for your retreat clients, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Reiki Training. These can be bolted on to your existing retreat programme as a workshop or as individual classes spread over the week.


As we live locally, we have a great range of contacts to help you organise days out for your retreat guests. From water activities such as Kayaking, Diving and Boat Trips to more land based activities such as Rock Climbing, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking and scenic Train Excursions.

Holistic Treatments

If you are staying in a location that doesn't offer holistic therapies, we can offer, as a mobile service, various holistic treatments for your guests, or your yoga teacher! For example; Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling.

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