Alex & Billy are originally from the UK, and came to live here in Ogliastra, Sardinia for a simpler and quieter life, enjoying the beauty of the island and the friendly hospitality of the people of this area. They explain, “We encourage our students to practice with patience and loving kindness towards themselves and to always respect the limitations of their body and mind in each moment. Understanding that we are all doing the best we can in this moment and if we make a mistake or something doesn’t go the way we would like, we can choose to begin again, in each moment, with an attitude of patience,  forgiveness and without self-judgement, not only on the yoga mat or meditation cushion, but also in our daily lives.”

Alexandra Redmond

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

Alex has been practising yoga & meditation for over 15 years and started teaching in 2009. She has been leading retreats since 2013 to people from all over the world. Alex is a founding member & President of Yoga in Sardinia, a non-profit Cultural Association, based in Sardinia, aimed at promoting the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Holistic health. She has also recently launched Stress Management for a Modern World, an online mindfulness based stress management course.

Alex teaches people from around the world, whose mother-tongue languages vary considerably, for this reason she teaches using a mix of mostly demonstration and verbal explanation. Her clients range in ages from early twenties up to late 70’s and therefore her classes are fully adaptable to people of all experience levels, the focus of her classes are on Mindful movement and re-connecting with the present moment experience of the body, breath and mind through Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Mindfulness practices.

Alex is a vegan, with a strong affinity to the practice of Ahimsa; the yogic non-harming philosophy. She loves to cook vegan dishes and often shares her favourite recipes on her blog and on her Pinterest. Alex also blogs about her life in Sardinia and tries to promote the island through her pictures on Instagram and through her blog and has created a featured guide about her local area of Ogliastra on She has also been a featured contributor at Om Times Magazine and has written articles for Waking Times.

Alex explains,

“I teach meditation and Yoga; for me, personally, these things are not religious or new-age and they are not about being physically perfect, super fit or flexible, but a way of connecting and understanding myself and others, a tool to break free from the chains of destructive, cyclic behaviours, to learn about my body and mind and how I can better deal with the path of my existence.

My style of teaching, like every other teacher in the world, is individual, however I am not about to try and name it after myself or give it a trendy name so our western, flighty, monkey minds can get all excited about it! I teach Hatha Yoga, combining movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation. My classes are suitable for anyone, of any size, age, religion or race.

Since I began these practices I have undergone comprehensive changes of attitude, I am less angry, no longer suffer constantly with mood swings; from depression to euphoria and back again, and I no longer have that constant feeling of things not being as they are “supposed to be” or “not quite right” and I also no longer have that constant fear of everything, including death.

I am immensely grateful for my life, I find joy in the simplest things and I am honoured to be able to share what I can with the people who choose to come to my classes and be part of my life. I am always learning and I am grateful for all the lessons that have brought me to this place of peace.”


William McGookin

Reiki Master

Billy decided to retrain after 45 years of civil service, and now has more than 20 years experience and qualifications in many types of holistic therapies, including aromatherapy, Indian head massage, thermal auricular treatment and he is also a Reiki Master.

He has been practicing Reiki at various levels for more than 15 years and became a Reiki Master in 2008. He is also a founding member of Yoga in Sardinia, a non-profit Cultural Association, based in Sardinia, aimed at promoting the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Holistic health.

Billy explains,

“I came to Reiki after discovering my son had been diagnosed with a rare bone disease and my step daughter was diagnosed with Lupus. I wanted to help them and was drawn to Reiki and, after reading a bit about it, I went to experience it first hand with a treatment. After my first experience I was floating, I had a wonderful feeling of peace within me and I wanted to be able to share this feeling with my son and step daughter.

I started taking lessons and became attuned first to Reiki I and then level II. After a number of years practicing Reiki on myself and others I took the step forward and studied to become a Reiki Master. Now I want to share what I have learned with others.

Unfortunately we lost my step daughter to the disease, but I continue to send distant healing to my son on a regular basis. I now treat others when they request it, and have started teaching Reiki to others in order to share my love of this practice. Reiki has many uses and applications in life, it was primarily taught as a method of self-development and healing, but it can be used for the greater good and healing of others and on plants and animals too. It is also a wonderful way to feel better, more peaceful and relaxed, but you will discover all this on the retreat. I also use Reiki in everyday life, using it to help me find parking spaces and lost keys!”

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