The Eco Retreat Crowdfunding Project – Phase One

So we have news! Today, we are excited to be launching a crowdfunding campaign, and are asking you to join us in our efforts.

We moved to Sardinia in 2010, with the idea of opening a Retreat Centre and ever since then we have been searching for funding from EU grants and other sources, but there just isn’t the funding out there for our specific area of need and we just don’t have the resources to fund it alone! In the meantime we have been working to develop our retreats with local hotels and create a customer base and solid reputation over the past 3 years.

Now we think the time is right and we have an idea to start our own Retreat Centre with Phase One, using wooden cabins or Yurts for bedrooms, and creating an Eco-Retreat with Solar heated showers and water saving composting toilets.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new way for people to raise money, awareness and support for great ideas, a method of raising money through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. People can make a small donation or a larger contribution…there is no contribution that is too small or too large.

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The Challenge
For the past 6 years, we have been trying to find €250,000 to convert our barn into a year-round Retreat Centre with en-suite bedrooms and indoor Shala, however EU funding doesn’t seem to be available for this type of project and we just don’t have those kind of resources, but we have a remedy…

Our Solution
Here’s where the new Eco-Retreat Centre project comes in. We think it would be great to create a less expensive Eco-Retreat Centre…it requires much less of an initial outlay (about 40,000 euros) and means that profits from the new centre can be ring-fenced for eventual conversion of the barn. Our project is designed to offer a Retreat Centre, not only for us to hold a few retreats a year, but also for other groups and teachers to come and rent as a complete, exclusive site for all types of group holidays. We are already contacted by loads of teachers each year searching for a place to hold retreats in Sardinia…and there just isn’t anything quite like it on the island at the moment.

Zen Garden

We’ve already made a start and created a Zen Garden!

What are we asking from you?

  • We need YOU to join us in this endeavour by raising money towards our goal and to help support the new idea. Please don’t put off making your pledge today, we need lots of momentum to reach our goal, and procrastinating just isn’t the way to go with crowdfunding!
  • We need you to share the Crowdfunding Project, not just with a quick click and share on social media (although that is certainly a start!), but also by talking to people about it, letting people know that you know us and support the idea and are excited about it, get involved in sharing the idea however and whenever you can.
  • Explain to people the idea of Crowdfunding and that if the goal isn’t reached, they get their money back automatically.
  • Let people know there are rewards for giving, that they don’t have to break the bank…we just need 2,000 people to give €25, or 1,000 people to give €50, or just 500 people to give €100 …it doesn’t take long for it all to mount up…but we can’t do this alone!
  • Click here to support our project if you can or spread the word to others:

What else can you do?

Maybe you would consider arranging a little fundraising event for us among your friends and neighbours? It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost money, I am sure you can come up with lots of ideas, but here are some ideas we found on the net:

  • Bake sale | Coffee morning
  • Board game tournament | Video Game Tournament
  • Host a Home sales Party – Tupperware/Avon etc
  • 50/50 Raffle | Dare Reverse Raffle
  • Quiz Night | Film Night
  • Sponsored event – Bike ride, walk, silence…
  • Karaoke evening | Philanthropic Pub Crawl
  • Activity or Skills Workshop

Or maybe you’d like to be an Ambassador for us, spreading the word and finding like-minded people to join us!

Why should you bother?

Well, along with our immense gratitude and appreciation, and the knowledge that you have done something very special for us, you can choose from our list of rewards on the crowdfunding page, and along with that, we’ll also send you a voucher for a whopping 25% off any of our retreats at the new site, and that applies to you also if you are a teacher wanting to organise your own retreat at our new Eco-Retreat Centre.

Additionally, as an Ambassador, you’ll get:

  • Widespread exposure on our social media to grow your own visibility.
  • A personalised Ambassador Page with a bio, photo and links to your Website and Social Media sites.
  • A guest blog post on one of our websites.
  • An special Ambassador Badge to post to your website or blog.
  • The opportunity to network with other ambassadors and influencers.
  • Free Download of all of our Meditation and Yoga Nidra MP3s.
  • 25% off any of our retreats at the new Retreat Centre.

Let’s get started and build this Eco-Retreat Centre together! We haven’t much time to achieve our goal…so don’t delay!

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